You were;
Friday, October 9, 2015 @ 10:43 PM

You were; the dew that miraculously appears on the blade of grass,
but alas! Time does not permit and just as mysterious its appearance,
you will be gone when dawn arrives.

You were; the rose with a mystical beauty that permeates its surroundings,
but comes a day when you will lose your colour,
for all living has to be laid to rest.

You were; the stars that blanket the lonely night skies,
but when the sun rises, it blinded my eyes and I can see no sparkles anymore.
The next night came and there was just a gray blue sky.

You were, once you were, and now you are no more.

And there was a tinge of sadness in 'you were'.

The rose with a beauty that all yearns for,
its scent fills the room with its presence.
Yet when the time comes, its petals shall fall,
and its beauty and scent will exist no more.

And that is the beauty of the rose.

The plastic rose exceeds time,
scentless rose but its beauty transcends all,
but ohh! Does beauty really exist in the plastic rose?

And that is the beauty of 'you were'.

posted by: JiN






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